8th Grade Math Webquests - The Real Number System, Exponent Properties, Slope, Transformations, Systems of Equations, Volume, and much more!

⭐ This listing is a GROWING BUNDLE for my 8th grade math webquests ⭐

There will be at least 11 webquests. Currently, 10 webquests are completed. You will be able to download all 10 webquests right now, and the rest as they are completed:

Included Webquests:

 The Real Number System Webquest Rationals vs Irrationals

 Converting Repeating Decimals into Fractions Webquest

 Exponent Properties Webquest

 Congruence Webquest (Congruence Theorems and Statements)

 Slope Given a Table, Graph, or Two Points Webquest

 Slope-Intercept Form Webquest

 Systems of Equations Webquest

 The Pythagorean Theorem Webquest

 Transformations Webquest Reflection Rotation Translation Dilation

 Volume of a Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere Webquest

The Webquests in Progress Include:

(1) Converting Fractions into Repeating Decimals

(2) Writing Linear Equations


The webquests have a PDF file containing a student template and an answer key template. In addition, each concept will include a short quiz.

You can see an example of one of my free webquests by clicking HERE.

❤️ Why are my webquests worth every penny? ❤️

1.) I not only create the pdf for the student template and answer key, but I create ALL of the information and videos on the website! It is my own personal website so I am in charge of all the information posted on my site!

2.) Webquests are a great way to introduce information to students! It has been stated many times that children learn the most when they write down information. My webquests will help students retain information, and provide them with plenty of examples!


3.) The webquests are excellent to use when you have a sub! All of the answers for the student templates can be easily found on my website!


⚠️ If I purchase now, how do I get the webquests? ⚠️


After purchasing my growing bundle, you will look under "My Purchases" for any updates throughout the next weeks / month. You will find that the file will be updated with each webquest after it has been completed.