(1) How do I get updates if I buy a growing bundle?

This matters where you purchased the resource.

- If you purchased the resource through Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT): You will login to your account and click "My Purchases".  You will need to go through your purchases and find my resource that you purchased.  If the file has been updated then you will see a red message telling you that it is ready to be downloaded.

- If you purchased the resource through my own personal website:  You will receive an email anytime the file is updated.  The email will provide you with a link that you can click to download the new file.

- PLEASE NOTE:  Depending on my workload, it may take me a while to update a file.  However, you can always email me and request me to send you a new product as soon as you see it posted on my Facebook or TPT.  I will email you the product as fast as possible if it is considered one of the growing bundle products that you purchased.

(2) I am having difficulty printing a resource.

Unfortunately I have had some buyers that have printing issues due to their printer settings.  However, this is always an easy fix.  Please make sure to email me at mathindemand@hotmail.com so that we can fix this error.

(3) Do you take custom orders?

Yes!  You can email me at mathindemand@hotmail.com and request a custom order.  Please make sure to include the concept that you want and if you are looking for an activity, assessment, foldable, or etc.  Depending on my workload, it may take anywhere from a day or a few weeks to complete.

(4) Which standards do you follow?

All of my products are broken down by concepts.  I used to provide products that were aligned to Common Core State Standards.  However, a lot of states were opting out of these standards and teachers asked me to make changes to the standards.  In order to satisfy all states, I write my products by concepts.  This makes it extremely easy for you to use regardless of your pacing guide.  You can take the concepts and move them around to fit your pacing guide.

(5) What is the best way to be notified of new products?

If you are following me on Teachers Pay Teachers, they will send you an email with any new products.  However, the email usually isn't received until a few days later.  The fastest way to be notified of new products is following my Facebook page.  I am always posting new products, throwing raffles, and giving freebies to my followers.  You can follow my Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

(6) Do your interactive notebooks fit into a composition notebook or just a spiral notebook?

My notebooks fit perfectly in a spiral notebook but can also be used in a composition notebook by the following:

(1) You can fold the pages in half and have students glue the back of the page into the notebook.


(2) Students can cut into the border so that the page fits perfectly in the composition notebook.  Usually teachers prefer this method because they don't mind losing the border.

(7) I bought a resource that you now have bundled.  Can I upgrade to the bundle?

Yes of course!  Email me at mathindemand@hotmail.com and let me know that you are interested in upgrading to the bundle.  I will refund you the full price of the activity after you purchase the bundle.

(8) Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not offer refunds.  The reason behind this is that you are receiving a PDF file.  This is not the same as a merchandise that you can return.  Once you download the PDF, you have it forever.  However, I guarantee that you will love my resources.  If you are not satisfied, please email me at mathindemand@hotmail.com and I will fix anything.