8.EE Assessment

Included is a pre-test, post-test, and 2 vocabulary quizzes on the 8th grade Common Core Standards Expressions & Equations (8.EE).

Students will:

1.) Use the law of exponents to simplify expressions
2.) Solve square roots
3.) Convert numbers to scientific notation
4.) Convert numbers to standard form
5.) Determine the slope, y-intercept, and slope-intercept form of a line
6.) Solve a system of equations
7.) Graphing a system of equations

The vocabulary included is base, exponent, expression, monomial, coefficient, scientific notation, standard form, slope-intercept form, variable, linear, distributive property, system of equations, point of intersection, elimination, substitution, unit rate, slope, and y-intercept.

Total Pages: 8 (16 including answer key)
Answer Key: Included
Document File: PDF