7th Grade Math Semester Mid-Year Stained Glass Review

Includes 15 task cards on 7th grade math concepts in the first semester. The 15 task cards include one problem on the following:

(1) Simplifying Absolute Value

(2) Rational Numbers on the Number Line

(3) Adding & Subtracting Integers

(4) Multiplying Integers

(5) Dividing Integers

(6) Adding & Subtracting Fractions

(7) Multiplying Fractions

(8) Dividing Fractions

(9) Unit Price

(10) Markdown

(11) Sales Tax

(12) Percent of Change

(13) Simple Interest

(14) Solving One-Step Equations

(15) Solving Two-Step Equations

 After solving each problem, students will draw a line connecting 2 letters. After all lines are drawn, there will be a stained glass heart with a symbol in each section. This activity is self-assessing. If students do not see a symbol in each section then they will need to check their work.