7th Grade Math Number Sense Multiple Choice Assessments (Editable in PowerPoint)

This includes 3 multiple choice tests for 7th Grade Math Number Sense (7.NS). There is a practice test, version A test, and version B test. You will be given a pdf file AND editable file in PowerPoint. Each test has 20 questions on the following 7th grade math concepts:

- Identifying rational numbers on the number line

- Simplifying absolute value expressions

- Adding and subtracting integers

- Multiplying integers

- Dividing integers

- Least common multiple

- Greatest common factor

- Adding and subtracting fractions (with negatives)

- Multiplying fractions (with negatives)

- Dividing fractions (with negatives)

- Adding and subtracting decimals (with negatives)

- Multiplying decimals (with negatives)

- Dividing decimals (with negatives)

The assessments are super easy to grade. You can use a single hole puncher to grade the tests. Watch my video to see how I used the single hole punch!