7.RP Assessment (Proportional Relationships)

Included is a pre-test, post-test, and two vocabulary quizzes. This is a unit test for the 7th grade Proportional Relationships unit. The tests are aligned to CCSS and EDITABLE!!!

Students will:

1.) Calculate the unit rate given the cost and quantity of items.
2.) Complete a table and graph using the cost and quantity of items.
3.) Calculate of the cost for a certain quantity of the items.
4.) Write an equation that represents the total cost given the number of items purchased.
5.) Determine how many items you can buy given a certain price.
6.) Give a point (x,y) from the graph that represents the unit rate.
7.) Plot points on a graph.
8.) Determine if a graph is proportional and explain their answer.
9.) Calculate discount, markup, sales tax, selling price, simple interest, percent increase, and percent decrease.

The vocabulary included is unit rate, ratio, proportion, slope, rate, scale, scale drawing, sales tax, tip, markup, discount, selling price, and simple interest.