6th Grade Math Unit 1 Number Sense Curriculum

This bundle includes all of my 6th Grade Math Unit 1 Resources (6.NS - Number Sense). There are interactive notebook pages, activities, foldables, practice worksheets, homework, exit slips, assessments (pre- and post-tests), vocabulary quizzes, warm-ups, and more! There are also some digital resources such as early finishers.

All of the pre-tests and post-tests are editable. The early finishers are given in PowerPoint. You can upload the file into Google Slides and share the link with students.

Math concepts included are:

1.) Adding Decimals

2.) Subtracting Decimals

3.) Multiplying Decimals

4.) Dividing Decimals

5.) Adding & Subtracting Fractions

6.) Multiplying Fractions

7.) Dividing Fractions with Fraction Bars

8.) Dividing Fractions

9.) Word Problems involving Dividing Fractions

10.) Exponents

11.) Order of Operations

12.) Intro to Negative Numbers & Comparing Negative Numbers

13.) Positive & Negative Numbers

14.) Number Opposites

15.) Absolute Value

16.) Coordinate Plane

17.) Distance between Points with a Same Coordinate

18.) Least Common Multiple

19.) Greatest Common Factor


I also have other units for 6th Grade Math

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Unit 3 - Expressions & Equations

Unit 4 - Geometry

Unit 5 - Statistics & Probability