6th Grade Math Homework

Included is an entire years worth of homework. The breakdown is below:

Included is 5 units:
(1) Number Sense
(2) Ratios, Rates, & Percentages
(3) Expressions & Equations
(4) Geometry
(5) Statistics & Probability

The homework is completely aligned to my 6th grade math interactive notebook. Each math concept has two pages. The first page has around 5 problems. The second page has one problem where students need to find the mistake, create their own word problem, and write a reflection.

Unit 1 - Number Sense
-Adding Decimals
-Subtracting Decimals
-Multiplying Decimals
-Dividing Decimals
-Dividing Fractions with Fraction Bars
-Dividing Fractions
-Word Problems involving Dividing Fractions
-Order of Operations
-Intro to Negative Numbers & Comparing Negative Numbers
-Positive and Negative Numbers
-Number Opposites
-Absolute Value
-Coordinate Plane
-Distance between Points with a Same Coordinate
-Least Common Multiple & Greatest Common Factor 

Unit 2 - Ratios, Rates, & Percentages
-Intro to Ratios & Word Problems
-Intro to Rates & Word Problems
-Intro to Percents
-Percent-Decimal Conversions
-Percent of a Number - Finding an Amount
-Finding a Percent
-Finding the Base

Unit 3 - Expressions & Equations
-Intro to Variables
-Evaluating Expressions
-Writing Algebraic Expressions
-Solving One-Step Equations
-Intro to Inequalities
-Solving One-Step Inequalities
-Dependent vs Independent Variables
-Combining Like Terms
-The Distributive Property
-Writing Equivalent Expressions

Unit 4 - Geometry
-Area of Parallelograms
-Area of Triangles
-Area of Trapezoids
-Area of Composite Figures
-Identifying Parts of 3-Dimensional Objects
-Volume of Rectangular Prisms (Fractional Lengths)
-Surface Area using Nets
-Polygons in the Coordinate Plane 

Unit 5 - Statistics & Probability
-Dot Plots & Frequency Tables
-Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
-Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)
-Box Plots (includes IQR)