8th Grade Math Workbook (Physical Product)

This listing is for a paperback copy of my 8th grade math workbook. You will be receiving a physical copy in the mail of my popular 8th grade math workbook. The workbook is amazing! Each math concept includes 2 pages. The left side has notes and examples. The right side has "Your Turn". Detailed answer keys are included in the back of the workbook.


The workbook includes the following:


Unit 1 - The Number System

✅ The Real Number System

✅ Rationals vs Irrationals

✅ Converting a Fraction into a Repeating Decimal

✅ Converting a Repeating Decimal into a Fraction

✅ Square Roots and Cube Roots

✅ Approximating Non-Perfect Squares

✅ Non-Perfect Squares on the Number Line

✅ Comparing Irrational Numbers

✅ Exponent Properties

✅ Intro to Scientific Notation

✅ Adding and Subtracting with Scientific Notation

✅ Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation


Unit 2 - Expressions & Equations

✅ Unit Rate on a Graph

✅ Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

✅ Equations with Parentheses

✅ Number of Solutions to Linear Equations

✅ X and Y intercepts from a Table and Graph

✅ X and Y intercepts from an Equation

✅ Graphing using Intercepts

✅ Types of Slope

✅ Determining Slope Given a Graph

✅ Determining Slope Given a Table or Two Points

✅ Slope-Intercept Form

✅ Writing Linear Equations from a Graph

✅ Writing Linear Equations Given Two Points

✅ Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form

✅ Types of Solutions from a Systems of Equations

✅ Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

✅ Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution

✅ Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination

✅ Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems


Unit 3 - Functions

✅ Intro to Functions

✅ Function Notation and Evaluating a Function

✅ Linear vs Non-Linear

✅ Writing Linear Functions from a Table

✅ Comparing Functions (Graph, Table, Equation, and Verbal Description)


Unit 4 - Geometry

✅ Intro to Transformations

✅ Rigid Transformations: Reflections, Rotations, & Translations Rules

✅ Dilations

✅ Sequence of Transformations

✅ Similarity

✅ Congruence

✅ Identifying Angle Relationships

✅ Solving with Angle Relationships

✅ Triangle Angle Sum Theorem

✅ Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem

✅ The Pythagorean Theorem

✅ Pythagorean Theorem in Coordinate System

✅ Volume: Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere


Unit 5 - Statistics & Probability

✅ Intro to Scatter Plots

✅ Constructing Scatter Plots

✅ Line of Best Fit

✅ Two Way Tables

Total Pages: 135+ answer keys
Answer Key: Included
Document File: Paperback (Physical copy mailed to you)

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