6th Grade Math Early Finishers in Google Slides

This resource is my 6th Grade Math Early Finishers for Google Slides. It includes NO PREP and is PAPERLESS! You will be given a link that you can post in your Google Classroom. Students will be forced to make a copy, and that's it! It is completely set up for students and very study friendly!

There are 36 pages. Each page has a word search, unscramble the words, and an activity on the bottom (puzzle or fill-in). You can watch my video to see a preview of each page! The video is also embedded on the first slide of the Google Slides. This makes it super simple for students to watch the video and know exactly how to complete the assignment!

The concepts included are:

6.NS - Number Sense

(1) Adding Decimals

(2) Subtracting Decimals

(3) Multiplying Decimals

(4) Dividing Decimals

(5) Dividing Fractions

(6) Exponents

(7) Order of Operations

(8) Absolute Value

(9) Coordinate Plane

(10) LCM & GCF


6.RP - Ratios, Rates, & Percentages

(11) Rates & Ratios

(12) Percents

(13) Percent-Decimal Conversions

(14) Percent of a Number

(15) Finding a Percent

(16) Finding the Base


6.EE - Expressions & Equations

(17) Intro to Variables

(18) Evaluating Expressions

(19) Algebraic Expressions

(20) One-Step Equations

(21) One-Step Inequalities

(22) Combining Like Terms

(23) The Distributive Property


6.G - Geometry

(24) Area of Parallelograms

(25) Area of Triangles

(26) Area of Trapezoids

(27) Area of Composite Figures

(28) Parts of 3-D Objects

(29) Volume of Rectangular Prisms

(30) Surface Area using Nets

(31) Polygons in the Plane


6.SP - Statistics & Probability

(32) Dot Plots & Frequency Tables

(33) Histrograms

(34) Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

(35) Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)

(36) Box Plots


You can use the assignment as a review at the end of the year OR you can use it throughout the entire school year!

Questions? Please contact me at mathindemand@hotmail.com. Thanks so much!

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