Algebra Bundle

This is a growing Algebra bundle that includes my Algebra interactive notebook, Algebra pre-tests, Algebra post-tests, Algebra foldables, Algebra exit slips, and Algebra foldables. The Algebra interactive notebook, assessments, and exit slips are all aligned together perfectly.  This bundle will also include year long worksheets and homework by the summer of 2018.  

There are a total of 10 units:

Unit 1 - An introduction to Algebra concepts
Unit 2 - Equations and Inequalities
Unit 3 - Functions
Unit 4 - Sequences (Arithmetic and Geometric)
Unit 5 - Linear Equations
Unit 6 - Exponents (Powers)
Unit 7 - Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Unit 8 - Polynomials
Unit 9 - Quadratics
Unit 10 - Radicals

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