Middle School Math Early Finishers

This file contains my middle school math early finishers. They are perfect for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math! There are some fun math activities such as a word search, crossword puzzle, and etc. These pages are great to use for any students who finish an assignment early (or an assessment early). You can also use these as homework or warm-ups!

The concepts range from 6th grade math to 8th grade math.  These include:

1.) Multiplication of integers

2.) Adding and subtracting fractions

3.) Multiplying and dividing fractions

4.) Operations on fractions

5.) Order of operations

6.) Simplifying absolute value

7.) The real number system

8.) Square roots and cube roots

9.) Exponent properties

10.) Percent of change

11.) Simple interest

12.) Balance

13.) Solving one-step equations

14.) Solving two-step equations

15.) Combining like terms

16.) Solving one-step inequalities

17.) Area of two-dimensional figures

18.) Similar figures

19.) Scale factoring

20.) Transformations (Reflection, rotation, translation, dilation)

21.) Slope-intercept form

22.) Types of slope

23.) Volume with unit cubes

24.) Surface area

25.) Area and circumference of a circle

26.) The coordinate system

27.) Systems of equations

28.) Volume of three-dimensional objects

29.) The Pythagorean Theorem

30.) Probability of an Event 1

31.) Probability of an Event 2

32.) Statistics

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