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Over the last 6 years, I have learned ways to help make my classroom run more smoothly.  From organization to discipline, I have some techniques that I have found very useful.  Will it work for every classroom?  No, but I have found that it works wonders in mine.  I hope that you are able to take away some ideas or techniques that you will also find useful.

My Math Classroom

Hi there!  I’m going to give you an insight into my math classroom.  Even if you teach a different subject than math, my classroom can give you ideas on how you can implement it into your classroom!

(1) Whiteboard (Agenda, Standard(s), Objective(s), and Homework)

  • Ever since I started teaching, I knew that having the objective displayed on the board was a must!  It has been pushed so much at staff meetings.  So, I took it even further!  I display our agenda, standards (for the unit), objective(s), and homework.  Now, you might be thinking that it is a lot of work to write everything down every day.  It’s not!  It is extremely simple and helps keep me on task.  I teach 3 classes this year: Integrated Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 (Similar to Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus).  I always have so much on my mind and am very forgetful!  My agenda is a daily reminder of what my students are working on and what I need to prepare for the next class day.  In addition, I never have students come into my classroom and ask the question we hate to hear, “What are we working on today?”.  They know to come into my classroom, take out their agenda quietly, and write down what we will be working on today.  This has also done wonders for discipline.  My classroom comes in more respectful and ready to get to work.

  • I only write the standard number on the board since I don’t have room to write the entire standards.  Yet, the standards are broken down in my students’ interactive notebooks by units.


Agenda and Grades

  • On my campus, administration is continuously doing walk throughs every week.  I love having the objective because administration knows exactly what my students are expected to know.

  • It is great to have the homework assignment posted because students are made aware of the assignment and know when it is due (I normally also write the due date).

  • Lastly, I post students grades by their student number.  Even though students have an online Aeries account to check their grades, they don’t really check often!  So, this helps keep them informed and administration definitely appreciates it!

(2) Organization

  • I can’t tell you enough about how important it is to have an organized classroom!  I have always had OCD (I’ve heard it’s common with math teachers!) and I need to have a clean and organized classroom.  My substitutes love me for it!  Anytime I miss a day due to meetings or have a sick child, I will have substitutes write how much they appreciate the organization and that it has been a very smooth day due to the organization.

  • I hang folders behind my desk that have important files such as fire drill information, discipline forms, emergency lesson plans, class rosters, seating charts, and etc.  It is extremely easy to grab and use these forms.

  • I also have a small bookcase behind my desk.  I use this to hold my binders, and papers that my students will be using for the week.  It is labeled by class, “Math 1”, “Math 2”, and “Math 3”.  My weekly assignments placed in my bookcase make it extremely easy to give students that were absent their assignment that they missed.  After school on Friday, I place these assignments in my filing cabinet.

Hanging Folders and Bookcase


  • I place all of my supplies in an organizer.  I bought this organizer from Lowe’s (Home Depot also carries them).  It is super easy and fast to grab any supplies.

    Warm-Up Template
  • I also place my stamps on top of my organizer.  My student’s have a daily warm-up and I created a template that they write on.  There is a designated spot for a stamp.  After a few minutes of time to do the warm-up, I walk around and use my stamp to stamp their warm-up.

(3) Date

  • I used to write the date on the whiteboard everyday.  I hated it!  During the summer, I saw some teacher items at Target.  This “date” template was one of the items and I absolutely love it!  It is simple to change the date each day.  Students do not ask me what the date is because they know that it is always posted on the top right of my whiteboard.


(4) “Parking Lot”

  • At our staff meetings, we always have a “parking lot” at the end of the meetings.  I wanted to incorporate this into my classroom so that I had a quick way to assess if my students’ learned the objective.  I researched on Pinterest and saw lots of great ideas on “parking lots”.  I laminated my “parking lot” and made it by row # and seat #.  Hence, my students know exactly where to place their post-it on the poster board.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

(5) No Cell Phones!!!

  • My campus has a HUGE problem with cell phone usage.  Students are allowed to walk from class to class with their cell phones.  During lunch or breaks, students will blast their cell phones out on campus.  In the beginning of the year, teachers will tell students that they are not allowed to use their devices in the classroom, but within weeks, students are already using them in most classrooms.  Yet, I will not let students use cell phones in my class.  I will have students test me and say, “Why can’t we use our cell phones?” and “All of the other teachers let us!”.  I have learned previously that if I give my students a little bit of freedom, then they will take it and push the boundaries.  I have seen students on facebook, texting, and etc.  I have learned my lesson and this year has been incredible with discipline since students know that I am firm on not letting them use cell phones.

  • Now, this doesn’t mean that I am against technology.  I use Google Classroom quite a bit in my classroom.  At our school, we are completely 1 to 1 with either ipads or chrome books.  I love using Google Classroom, and have created a lot of Google Slides activities that are engaging.  Yet, my students know that they are not allowed to have any devices out until I tell them to take them out.

No Cell Phones

(6) Bathroom Passes

  • I place my bathroom passes by the door.  The passes have my name on the back.

Bathroom Passes

(7) Signs

  • In the front of my classroom, I have placed colorful signs that have hand signals.  Students use these hand signals to notify me when they need something.  This is especially useful when students are taking a test and need to use the restroom.  Instead of students raising their hands and I walking over to their desk, students will show the hand signal to use the restroom.



Again, I hope that I have given you some ideas on how you can incorporate some of these techniques into your classroom.  Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas!

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