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Hi! I am a math and science teacher that absolutely loves being in the classroom and creating resources that I know are making a difference in students’ learning! I know that you will love my resources!

You can get to know me by reading about me below:

(1) What is a little background about you?

I graduated from high school in 2005 and helped my family run their business while attending college. My family owned and operated a chocolate store. Yes, I said chocolate! My family couldn’t have owned a sweeter business ? I married my high school sweetheart after being together for 8 years. We welcomed our first baby in 2013 followed by our second in 2015 (both girls!). We are currently expecting our third child due February 2018.

(2) What is your degree?

I received my Bachelors in Mathematics at CSUB in 2011. While in the classroom, I went back to school to receive my Masters. I obtained my Masters in Education: Curriculum and Instruction in 2015.

(3) What have you taught?

This is my 6th year teaching. I have taught Mathematics and Integrated Science for 3 years at a middle school and then an additional 3 years at a high school.

(4) Why did you become a teacher?

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I had an excellent math teacher in high school. My math teacher was not like any other math teacher that I had in previous years. His classroom was not the typical teacher based classroom. It was more student centered and had us making predictions and using technology to check our predictions. I have always enjoyed math and science, and knew that I would like to teach these subjects.

(5) What do you like about teaching?

I absolutely love that everyday is something new! The classroom is never predictable! I also love making an impact on students. It is the best feeling in the world to have students tell me how much they hated math before my classroom, but have come to enjoy math and understand how to perform math problems.

(6) How did you get started on creating curriculum?

My first year teaching, I was basically thrown into a classroom with absolutely no material, textbooks, or etc. I was only given standards and told that I needed to follow the standards. That year, I did the most researching of my life! I researched and researched for material. I was disappointed because I felt like there wasn’t enough good resources to help engage my students and aid in their learning. That is when my love for creating curriculum started! One resource, led to another, and then another. Before I knew it, I had written 1,000 pages of curriculum for middle school math. I had coworkers asking me to write curriculum for them or if they could use some of my resources.

One summer day, I had a math meeting with other math teachers across the district. I brought my materials with me and shared them with the other math teachers. I could not believe how amazed and supportive they were. They absolutely loved my material and told me that I should never stop creating resources. One of the teachers told me that it was so good that I needed to join Teachers Pay Teachers. I didn’t really know what Teachers Pay Teachers was but I decided to put a few items on there. I got great reviews and it grew very fast. Within a year, I had already hit my first milestone. I am always working to make the best curriculum that is engaging, unique, and creative. You will always receive the best quality in my resources!

(7) What do you like to do outside of creating curriculum or being in the classroom?

The biggest joy in my life is my children. I have two beautiful daughters, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. They are growing extremely fast and I am enjoying every second that I get to spend with them. My 3 year old has started preschool and loves to dance. My 1 year old is the toughest yet sweetest little girl. Currently, she loves banging on my laptop and running away with my cell phone.

My Two Beautiful Daughters

(8) Anything else you would want me to know about you?

I have an obsession with Law & Order, and love to read mystery books.


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